Merry Christmas To You

Merry Christmas To You, originally uploaded by SkeletalMess.
Please forgive the ongoing Christmas card postings, just thought I would post the cards I find most promising for usage this Holiday.

Even though I may post many cards, the true meaning and feeling to everyone is there for the Holidays, Merry Christmas.


Donna said...

Beautiful!!! Please keep on posting - no need for apologies, LOL.

Country Girl said...

Now this, I love.

Love you posting them, too so please don't stop on our account.

Marla said...

Are you kidding??? That's why I love your site! I love to see what you've created. THANK YOU for posting! Your work is awesome eye candy!

Caroline said...

Really like this one...especially with the sparkly "i". You are sharing the spirit of the season and I love it!

Debbie said...

Please continue....your work is fabulous. This one is breathtaking!

bsp2232 said...

I look forward to seeing them!! Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Your work is really an inspitation,
keep on going!!
Merry Christmas to you too!!