Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

Happy Mother's Day, today's song is "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel,
and to me, the greatest love song ever written.


Heather T. said...

Wow, I've not heard this in years, Jerry...glad you posted it.

Rainier Blue said...

I could not agree more. This song is perfection on so many levels. I listen to it often. Once again, let me thank you for having such a generous spirit.

Nana said...

Sentimental journey, sweet days of youth and romance. Nice choice for the day!

Debbie said...

Have loved this song since "Say Anything" and this live version was fantastic!!! Thank you!

wendy said...

I really really love his voice!!!
And his music and songs are incredible!!
Thanks for Sharing this video

The Painting Queen said...

Thank you for this version of one of the most joyful, spiritual, perfect love songs ever. We played this song last year, at the end of our wedding celebration in our beautiful backyard full of friends. (It was the old VH1 video version.)