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December 09, 2011

December 2011 Desktop Calendar

Forgive the belated calendar post, due to numerous things going on
I forgot to make the calendar.  To anyone interested here it is, feel
free to download.  The zipped file has nine different monitor sizes.

Happy holidays.

Download The Zipped Calendar Here

November 02, 2011

November 2011 Desktop Calendar

November 2011 desktop calendar zip contains nine different sizes
for your monitors. Photo was taken and posted last weekend on my
Flickr page, I call it "After The Fall."

Seems this leaf was hiding under some other dying kin, playing
possum possibly, or most likely shelter from the elements,
prolonging the inevitable. I must say the leaf macro was heavily
edited in Lightroom.

Download Here:

Or Here:

October 01, 2011

October Desktop Calendar:

Click image for a larger view:

October Desktop Calendar is a photo I took at a roadside farmers market
just down the road from my home. For those who may be interested in
downloading, I put all screen resolutions in one file for downloading, sizes
included are:

1024x768 ~ 1280x800 ~ 1280x1024 ~ 1440x900 ~ 1600x900 ~
1600x1200 ~ 1680x1050 ~ 1920x1080 ~ 1920x1200 ~ 2560x1440
~ 2560x1600

Download The Calendar Set Here:

4Shared Download :

January 16, 2011

January Calendar

I know its silly, in fact its half over, but I've recently gotten some e-mails asking why I haven't posted calendars of late.  I guess my answer would be, not much response to calendars, so I thought it a waste of time and effort, sorry, guess I may be wrong, so whatever, here's a belated January calendar for your desk top.

1024 X 768 Download

1280 X 800 Download:

1280 X 1024 Download:

1440 X 900 Download:

1600 X 1200 Download:

1680 X 1050 Download:

1920 X 1200 Download:

October 05, 2010

October Calendar Download


1024 X 768 Download

1280 X 800 Download

1280 X 1024 Download

1680 X 1050 Download

1680 X 1200 Download

1920 X 1200 Download

September 01, 2010

September Calendar

September calendar details what thirty two days of ninety plus degrees can have on plants.
Below are links to different calendar sizes for your computer.

1024 X 768 September Calendar Download

1280 X 1024 September Calendar Download

1600 X 1200 September Calendar Download

1680 X 1050 September Calendar Download

1920 X 1200 September Calendar Download

July 03, 2010

July Wallpaper Calendar

Click on image to view larger.

A little something,a small gift for you.

Here's a wallpaper calendar for July, the image is an old photo
I took a few years back at the old house.

1024 X 768 Download

January 18, 2010

February 1600 X 1200

February 1600 X 1200, originally uploaded by SkeletalMess.
Free desktop wallpaper calendar for February.

Also available in 1024 X 768 resolution Seen Here.

December 16, 2009

January Calendar Wallpaper

~ Free Texture ~ creative commons ~by attribution ~

January Calendar Wallpaper:
I'm going to start putting up a few Calendar Wallpapers each month
free for downloading in multiple sizes to anyone interested.

This one is a re-do of a shot I took a while back using a Photoshop
Action from Flickr's own Rita @ CoffeeShop called Vintage CoffeeShop.
See information below.
Rita's CoffeeShop
Vintage Action

January Calendar Wallpaper 1280 X 1050

January Calendar Wallpaper 1600 X 1200

January Calendar Wallpaper 1680 X 1050