5 Fancy Fonts

5 Fancy Fonts, originally uploaded by SkeletalMess.
Here's 5 Free Fancy Fonts, I believe everyone should
have in their fonts folder.

Chopin Text

Fancy Card Text





bsp2232 said...

Great choices! Thank you!

Daiquiri said...

I frequently make collages with meaningful (to the client) phrases. I'm also doing more card design. No kidding...it was just yesterday that I wrote "find new fonts" on my to-do list. My options were getting old.

Thanks so much! Your site is one of my new favorites, and I've subscribed to keep up on all your wonderful work. I appreciate you talent and your generosity :-)

Have a great day!

Jerry Jones said...

Thanks for the comments, hope they can be useful.

RRF said...

Wonderful fonts - thanks so much - decided I need them all :-)


Magnolia said...

Wonderful fonts! I already have Chopin Script, but downloaded the others. Thank you.

lauriel said...

Boo Hoo....Chopin is a Windows font...and I can't use it on my Mac!


Andrei O. said...

Riesling looks awesome ... The picture with all fonts together is also nice looking. Thanks!