PhotoshopUser TV Is Back!

Just in,if you're a PhotoshopUser TV follower, you should know it's been on hiatus for awhile, but they're back with a new show, a new set, and a new format, which is more direct to teaching.

Watch each week as "The Photoshop Guys" (Dave Cross, Matt Kloskowski, and Scott Kelby) from the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) share the hottest Adobe Photoshop tutorials, the latest insider tricks, and the coolest time-saving, job-saving shortcuts to make your time in Photoshop more productive, more efficient, and more fun.

PhotoshopUser TV is one of the world's top-ranked video Podcasts.
New episodes are posted each Monday, and include any combination of the latest Photoshop news, step-by-step tutorials, interviews and tips from the leading Photoshop gurus, as well as a weekly Photoshop contest with prizes ranging from Wacom Tablets, to Epson Printers, to iPods, to full conference passes to Photoshop World. If you're an Adobe Photoshop freak, don't miss a single episode of PhotoshopUser TV.

Here's the link:  PhotoshopUser TV


  1. Alas...I only have PSE, but I think I will still look in to this. I have been able to use some Photoshop tutorials by tweaking them a bit...this could be another venue for me to learn from. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Debbie, although I rarely use Elements anymore, I'm sure the difference in programs is pretty similar, so I think you'll have no problem.

  3. thanks for the news on this, I used to watch it but then haven't been visiting NAPP so often.
    (first comment deleted by me as the typo crept it that read, "thanks for the new son . . ." LOL, funny after reading the comments on the exclusive texture) and now the word verification is 'reckb' so heaven only knows what I will have messed up on this one!

  4. thanks Jerry! I'm a new PhotoShop student and love to find tutorials!

    i'm also signing up for your feed... looks like you have some wonderful resources here. THANKS!

  5. One more thing... it was a little tricky to get to your Atom RSS Feed because the drop down box fell below your template... it might just be me, but it took awhile to figure out how to get it to work (I use FireFox).

    I'm on board now though!


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