Signature Brush Tutorial

Just a little something for those who may want to make their own brush to
stamp or watermark their photos or artwork.  Since it's a brush, you control
the size you want to use on your work, plus you cant control the opacity
and choose what color to use, it's a brush.

Here's a link to download:


  1. thank you! how do you make your own folder instead of putting the new brush in with an already existing set of brushes? Just wondering.

  2. Jerry,
    Here's a question concerning your "Creating A Custom Signature Brush"...not really about the brush but my question is about the BIRDS down in your brush pallet/collection. I note that you use them quite effectively in some of your work. It's the type of thing I might use in an exterior piece or two of my CAT WORKS images.

    Did you originally create them? Where they clip art...or???? If they are available some where one the web might you point me?

    Thanks in advance.

    Jay Thompson

    Thompson Visual Design & Storytelling
    Current Curator of CAT WORKS

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  4. Jay, I've had these for some time now, I'll try to find out where I found them.

  5. Beverly,
    When you bring up the brush, and create a new set, just delete all but one brush, you have to have at least one brush plus your new one you are adding, then save as a set.

    Next time you make a brush, save the this set to keep them easy to find.

  6. Great tutorial! Already using my new
    Thank you!


  7. Thank you from this tip. I'm really surprised how easy it is too make brush, I never know. Thank you.
    Greetings from Finland

  8. I'm not entirely certain what happened to me... I did make a siggy, but then forgot how? Now, a couple of years later I want to update it - but couldn't remember how! Thank you so much! Even though you posted this a long time ago, it's still helping people like me! :)


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