My Profile

My Profile, originally uploaded by SkeletalMess.
For those who are into reading profiles, you may have noticed that I have elected to not show my "About/Profile" on the front page, it's now located in my nav bar menu " My Profile."

What I did was make a post with an image and small profile, then changed the post date to an older date, then added the link to " My New Profile" page with a link at the bottom to the Blogger profile page also.

I find it more convenient and nicer this way.


  1. Love the frame with the scroll detail......and the photo is nice too. :)

  2. Freaky that you would post this today because it's exactly what my plan was to do with mine. A friend just sent me a tutorial on how to create the navigation buttons and I was thinking I could backpost something and voila you did just that!

  3. I love your work! And your new profile page is nifty, too!


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