Looking for Keeblers

Looking for Keeblers, originally uploaded by SkeletalMess.
For those asking what textures I use on images when I post:

On this photo, the only thing done is I used the "Frost"
texture from my "Heavenly Vintage Texture Set"
and used Linear Burn 100% in photoshop, that's it.


  1. Love the frost texture girl! This photo is amazing! We missed a pretty good chance of our yard looking like that too last night! Stay warm!

  2. exquisite! thank you for the latest textures, too!

  3. This is beautiful. I was wondering. As a professional photographer, when you print your photos what type of texture do you use? Matte, linen, gloss? Is there a particular photo print company you recommend? I have been using White House and I love the linen texture, but I notice many photographers use a matte finish. Preference? I would love the opinions of all! Thanks!

  4. Just Me:

    I'm flattered by your kind comments,but professional photographer I'm not, sorry to say.

    I'm just your everyday point and shoot and pray like hell. LOL!

    As for printing, I use matte.

    My dream is to hopefully get as comfortable with a camera as I am with Photoshop.

  5. Thanks for the "recipe"....it really helps with a texture newbie like me. :) I love your snow photos.

  6. I absolutely love your textures and what you do with them. Your photos are stunning! Thank you for sharing!!

  7. Love this! Just beautiful!


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