Lost at times when the lights turn red

Self portrait melancholy moment.


Country Girl said...

You are not alone.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it make you feel better, if I say, that you are the best digital artist for me?

Happy weekend.

Magnolia said...

OK now?

Debbie said...

Too much stress...deep breaths. :)

Jerry Jones said...

Thanks for the kind comments and warm concern.

Some days it's just better to stay in bed.

Debbie: Exactly, paper bag!

kristianne25 said...

Love this poem thought I'd share:)

Lost in thought
Lost in pain
Lost in fear
That you can never retain

Lost trouble
Lost in grief
Lost in heartbreak
That you can never relief

Lost in sorrow
Lost in death
Lost in misery
That you can never refresh

Lost in life
Lost in words
Lost in everything
That you can never return

Lost in chaos
Lost in peace
Lost in burdens
That you can ever release

Because these are the things
We think and feel
Through the good and the bad
It’s a forever a done deal!

Shelby Lanier

Susan said...

I just discovered this site. The work is amazing. For the sake of all, don't stop posting your photos and thoughts. Silence can be golden.