First attempt Posting with Windows Live Writer

It seems Bloggers post editor is consistently being it’s usual self, a royal pain in the butt when trying to add images with links beneath the image precisely as I want. 

After losing patience and countless expletives, I thought I would take some advice from a previous post about Bloggers post editor, thought I would try out Windows Live Writer, after all, it couldn’t be any worse doing the job it was meant to do.  After downloading and installing, I must say it’s rather nice looking and spacious, not to mention handy being on the desktop, now to see how it performs.




Well, after a little first time using, seems adding an image from the desktop worked out very nicely and smooth, sweet!










Seems adding an image from my Picasa storage worked pretty easily.  I’m starting to like what I see, double sweet!

BTW ….the image to the right is me playing around with an odd idea.





I’m pretty impressed with what I see so far, Live Writer seems to work rather smoothly on this first attempt at posting, not to mention first use.

Curious as to any bugs discovered by other users, and more importantly, what are the must have plug-ins I should download for use.

Before I go, lets try out a link, maybe a place really creative and inspiring, a place such as this perhaps.


Ashley Sisk said...

I might have to try that out - blogger can be annoying. I also wanted to say that your blog is looking good. I'm liking the newest layout!

Heather T. said...

Really like what you did with your photo, there, Jerry! I was really excited with Live Writer when I began using it, too...but for some reason it didn't last with me.

Glad you're enjoying it. It does hold a lot of the watermark feature for your photos...that's a nice one.

About plug-in's...didn't know there were any.

photomommy said...

I've been posting with Live Writer for a couple of years now and I love it. =)

Anonymous said...

I have been using Live Writer for awhile and like it better than the blogger editor. There are little kinks that might pop-up, ie you can't highlight a word to add a link. Instead you have to click on the hyperlink button and type your word there. For the most part it is a lot easier to use. Have fun with it! Denise

lissa said...

I never find bloggers post editor all that bad, even the new vision is pretty good but I agree with you on the image thing - sometimes it does not go where you want to

have not try Windows Live Writer, not even sure I can use it since I use a Mac

have you heard of Sleeveface - - it is like your image except with album covers

Tricia said...

I'm glad that you are liking it, Jerry. As far as plug-ins go, I am looking forward to hearing what people have to say. Happy posting!

Cecile said...

Love that image of yourself

Isn't Jesh incredibly ...enlightened !

Jerry Jones said...

Thanks for the kind feedback on the new look, and the more I tinker with Live Writer the more I'm loving it.

Jerry Jones said...

Sorry to hear the loss in Live Writer, I guess when I go to do a long tutorial using it, will be the tell all.

Live Writer has quite a few plug-ins,I'm curious about the Flickr and Picasa plug-ins, but thought I'd wait for some possible feedback before jumping.

Jerry Jones said...

Thanks for the positive feedback,and I'm liking what I've seen so far.

Jerry Jones said...


Cool, I feel the same about Bloggers editor and think it's time for an update, like Blogger in Draft.

Jerry Jones said...

I wish I could say the same about Bloggers post editor.

As to a Mac version of Live Writer, there isn't, but I've heard a lot of Mac users use a Firefox plugin called “ScribeFire” and love it.

Food for thought.

Mrs. Vanquish said...

I remember this discussion here about the awesome Blogger editor *cough*
Glad you found something better, but as a Mac user unfortunately I can't try and I would love to hear if there is something like this for Mac?

Jerry Jones said...


Wow, I was hoping for some plug-in advice from you, I guess we'll have to see if anyone posts some thoughts.

Jerry Jones said...


I thank you, and yes I agree, Jesh and his work is truly inspiring.

Jerry Jones said...

You might take a look at the Firefox plugin called “ScribeFire."

BTW....I love your layout at "Bewitched Bookworms."

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Oh I will have a look at this, thanks so much !
So happy you like my Bewitched Bookworms layout. I had so much fun doing this and I still love it so much it's just perfect for our blog. And hearing that other people like it too always brings a bit fat smile on my face!
So you made my day Jerry! ;)

These Nine Acres said...

I had no idea there was such a thing. Off to check it out!

Technogran said...

Try the Polaroid picture plug in, the Cool Emoticon plug in and also if you want to let others know when you publish your post use the Facebook plug in and the twitter plug in. You can also make use on Blogger of the excellent Tweetmeme plug in which puts a 'tweet this' type button on your blog post.
Or perhaps you would prefer to use the buzz this plug in. There are loads to use.
I love Live Writer and wouldn't blog without it.

Technogran said...

Jerry why don't you mosey over to my blog at http://techno-granny and read all my how-to posts about Windows Live Writer where I give tons of pointers on how to use it, my favourite plug-ins etc etc. Can't hurt and you might learn a bit about it. I have used it for years.

Jerry Jones said...


Thanks for the much needed feedback and tips.

As you suggested, I ventured over "I never quite got the hang of mosying" and automatically thought I was in a toy store for blogging geeks, and I mean that in a nice way.

I signed up as a follower, so be prepared to have company over the weekend. LOL!

Beverly said...

I love live writer too. your blog looks so great. thanks for all the wonderful textures. I just love them

Technogran said...

Thank you Jerry! Glad you liked my how-to's about Windows Live Writer. Hope that they help you get used to using the program and how it all works. I promise, you will NEVER go back to using an online editor, they are so 'crude' Not only that Jerry, you can keep that blog post on your desktop, keep going back to it, altering it, adding things, until your fully satisfied before publishing. It's the only way to blog in my opinion. See an older post done with Writer and need to edit it? No problem! Just download it back into Writer to repost when edited! You can do this for up to 500 previous posts IF you have used Writer for them all.

~minta~ said...
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~minta~ said...

* NOTE TO SELF...more coffee ...then leave comments ... =)
does anyone happen to know the song that is playing on jesh's site? i would like to add it to mine .. =)