A Show of Hands ...

Am I the only poor soul who has sporadic behavior with the post editor?

Seems I have to delete a post and start over quite too often and dealing with
the placement for adding a link is a logistical nightmare.


Tricia said...

I use windows live writer to write all of my posts. I couldn't stand blogger's faults anymore. You can download it for free and it's fantastic. Might be worth a try.

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Unfortunately the blogger editor is crap and the new one even crappier. It works unless you write you open your post just once, but when again opened and changed something everything is shit and out of place.

It might also be due to Safari, but I blame blogger not to develop a really good editor!

So, you are not alone!

@Tricia: I might give it a try!! I hope it doesn't screw it all up like Word does it...

Jerry Jones said...

I thank you for the feedback and glad to know I'm not the only person who feels like taking a hammer to the post editor.

Thanks for the tip on Windows Live Writer, think I'll give it a look.
Hopefully it works smoothly with Blogger, and doesn't require a lot of extra steps when posting.

Jerry Jones said...

Mrs. Vanquish;
Very well said, you seem to put it into words I was thinking but wimped out posting!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

@Jerry: LOL I'm glad you got my message although my sentences barely made sense! But when I'm talking about stuff that makes me angry ... well those things happen.. ;)

My only excuse is that english is not my mother language. Anyway, I know it's easier say things out loud in a comment than in a post;)

Have a great remaining Sunday!

Heather T. said...

Jerry, I have no troubles with blogger in draft...I used to, once upon a time but with blogger in draft, I always write using the html editor.

I was a fan of windows live writer, but found that it duplicates every photo uploaded into picasaweb albums.

I don't know how it would react to using flickr though...might be worth a try.

Have you used blogger in draft at all? The look that you now have can be made and edited in the new templates section. Although, I know how hard you worked for this one :)

Heather T. said...

I saw that you also have a few other blogs for trying out templates...you might just switch over to blogger in draft with one of them and see what you make of it...

Susie Jefferson said...

There have been a lot of problems with Blogger since they introduced Blogger In Draft, with the new template editor. And it's not just affecting the B.I.D. blogs but also spreading right across the platform. Without blowing my own trumpet too much, I have written a couple of articles on my own blog about this, as I've had a lot of emails asking me for help:
and http://1stfloorflatcomputery.blogspot.com/2010/02/foolproof-photo-positioning-in-blogger.html

If you enter the picture, and don't alter the size or position but just do a carriage return, you can then type a line underneath to caption the image without it doing anything weird, or giving you odd spaces where you don't want them. If you don't want a caption, then do two carriage returns to leave a clear line of space.

This all seems to be happening since January, when they removed the spell check from the editor and started really messing about.

Word docs are a nightmare - but you can just remove the formatting in Blogger (the little icon with a cross through it, to the right of the justification icon at the top of your post area).

If you insert a Word doc into LiveWriter it doesn't affect it at all, which is another bonus.

I tend to combine the two! And I hope this helps a little bit...

Heather T. said...

Maybe the browser that one uses affects the editor? I don't know, but I use Firefox...love it, have no issues.

Tricia said...

Just a follow up. I have had no issues with linking to blogger with live writer. Once you set up your account and link your blog(s) to detect your themes, it's simple. The other nice thing is that moving stuff around and altering fonts, sizes, etc. is super easy.
I should get payed for this review. LOL!! ;)

CathyK Designs (twoboyz00) said...

I tried the new blogger post editor, and finally gave up and went back to the old one, which isn't that great, either. Too many weird things happening with the new one.

Country Girl said...

I was just about to say what I wanted to say but Tricia said it before me. Word for word, too. Eerie.

Jerry Jones said...


Seems I picked a subject with a wound.

I also use Firefox, and I've not used Blogger In Draft, mainly because it's still in beta, which usually means there's bugs lurking within! LOL!

I thought about using it on one of my test blogs, but was afraid it would affect this blog also, if this is not the case I'd give it a try.

Thanks kindly for your feedback, and kind assistance.

Trish,I don't know about getting paid, but how about a big "HUG" (insert hug here). : )

Donna said...

I have a terrible time with formatting using blogger. I write my posts using Word and then try to paste. Where the formatting gets messed up is when I start adding my pictures. Ugh. And I have to start from the bottom up to get it to behave at all.

Heather T. said...

Well, Jerry, it looks as though I'm out numbered here. I do use the html editor for writing and plug my photos in afterward through blogger in draft. I did the same thing using the original post editor, as well.

I've tried all of the ways that the rest have shared here, and honestly, I think that you might prefer Windows Live Writer once you discover all of what it has to offer. I didn't use it for long because of the doubling of my photos into the online album - but peeked in once again and tried it to find that their are other options with it.

Alright, enough of my babble because it's not helping you out at all :)

Hope that you find something comfortable and worth the effort.

Detourvelle Photography said...

I have loads of problems writing posts, especially when adding images.
Everything goes haywire and out of place.....nightmare !!

Kara said...

My hand is up here too! I could just scream when it doesn't work the way "I want it to work". Then of course you have to start all over. I should start putting a dollar in a jar evertime it fails on me. Maybe I would have some cash in my pocket (lol). Have a great day Jerry :-)

Cindi said...

I thought my problems were just my inexperience and lack of knowledge about blogs, but this post is making me feel better! I used to have problems if I saved a post as a draft and tried to go back and edit it later so stopped doing that. But most all my issues seem to have resolved themselves and other than having to constantly reselect the font I want to type with, I have not had major problems lately. I have not been able to move columns and images around like I see in other's blogs though....One thing that frustrates me is there is no one you can contact for help. Good luck.

Also want to tell you thank you for your textures. I have downloaded some lately but cannot leave comments in that window (picasa?)as I don't have an account, so am doing that here.

me again said...

I use Internet Explorer and have to say I don't have any problems :-)
After I changed my template to one of the new ones (using Blogger in Draft), I found my blog was really slow to load, but then a few days ago, that problem totally vanished. For whatever reasons. I'm not complaining :-)