12 Blog Backgrounds Free For Downloading and use.

Here's my background that I'm using now, feel free to download and use.
Please read my previous post for instructions on how to apply.

I have 12 backgrounds free for downloading and use, to view, Go Here.



Mrs. Vanquish said...

They are beautiful. I simply adore your style!:))

Jeana said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful backgrounds I really love the colors.

Rosie Fluegel said...

Thank you so much! These are wonderful.

Caroline said...

Your generosity never ends!!! Thank you so much. I used it on my blog here if you want to see it action ;)


Jerry Jones said...


Very nice, love what you've done, but then, your other three blog layouts are lovely also, like an interior decorator.

I'm in awe that you can juggle four blogs at one time, and very well I might add. I tip my hat!

kimi kreations said...

WOW! Thank You!
Can I ask a favor?
I would love a copy of just your background image if you would care to share.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great background!!

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Anonymous said...

fantastic blog, backgrounds and all your useful info, your a star
thanks so much

Heather T. said...

Aha, Jerry. Guess what I've figured out, finally? The "how to" of changing my own background using the simple template. Check it out for just a minute, would you?

Visit the notes I've shared on my blog at Heather T Memoirs

I've credited you a number of times, too :)

Jerry Jones said...

Sweet layout, wish you would have posted yours first, would have saved me some time and a few @#&$% words.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the blog backgrounds. They are gorgeous!


Heather T. said...

Still, Jerry...you did a much better job here for a tutorial and it works. It's all worth doing :)

Plus, you figured it out before me. I tried and tried to get one that worked with the simple template, but that darned header background would not leave, no matter what I tried.