Shadowhouse Creations Wallpaper ... it's all about the textures

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Shadowhouse Creations Wallpaper:
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The new look, wallpaper in size resolutions shown below.


barefoot muse said...

I've recently begun an online Photoshop Elements 8 class, and digital art is a first for me. I want to thank you for your generous offerings, and tons of inspiration. The fire is lit!!!!

The Deming Four said...

i love the idea of presized wallpapers - thank you!

Amy Knutkowski said...

Wow Jerry, this background is GORGEOUS!!

Debra Heschl's Photography said...

thank you kindly for sharing your talent!!

Debbie said...

Sweet! :) Your place looks amazing with this background.

Christina said...

Looks great, thanks!
Would be a good idea for a new kind of texture, what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Hi and thanks for the wonderful textures you make available as well as the other information and tutorials.
I've recently started to incorporate textures in to my photowork and of course I'm photographing them when I come across them and working out the best way to incorporate them. I came acroos your textures via the Totally Rad website.
Anyway once again thanks and I've now subscribed so I can see more of your great stuff.

belle007 said...

Thanks for the great wallpaper.