Grunge Overlay 3 ~ 2400 X 1800 pixels

Example of Grunge Overlay 3 which can be seen below.
To apply the overlay, just open an image, then open this overlay and make sure this is the top layer, then set your layer mode to "Overlay" or you may select another mode.

Grunge Overlay 3 ~ Download


Lou said...

Love this one! Thanks so much!!

Country Girl said...

Cool. Love these overlays.

Thanks, Jerry.

Anonymous said...

I love this one, also great image of the horse. thanks for sharing.

Jody said...

Excellent overlay. Thanks so much

chasity said...

a beautiful use of this texture.

Geraldine said...

Hey there,
I am so wrapt that you are sharing your textures. They are brilliant and as I am just a beginner, I really appreciate your generosity and assisting me to learn and grow in my art.


Paula said...

Today I found your blog. It´s very gorgeous. Sorry, my english is miserable. I don´t understand all your sentence on the end of your site. There are free downloads. Is it OK, when I work with the downloads (I make postcards ...) and post my work in to my blog? You can answer with a comment or send me a mail to

Have a nice day.
Hugs Paula

Amber Johnson said...

Another Great Overlay! I love all of ur overlays like this. Thanks soo much for sharing all ur textures and tutorials.

1800 Numbers said...

Nice shot!. Keep it up.