Background and how to apply

I'm embarrassed to say this, but it's been some time since I posted a background of my own.
Can someone give me instructions as to what to add to the advanced CSS box to apply a background of my own.


Shabby Cottage Studio said...

I don't know if this helps but for my background I added it as an html gadget and then in Advanced changed background options to transparent

lissa said...

actually, you can now just go to the Blogger Template Designer and go to background and choose an image or upload an image.

the way I used to do is add this :

background: url("input link here") repeat;

or something similiar

Mary Dawn said...

when you go to the design tab in your dashboard, there's a link to all of the new blogger template can upload your own background there, seems infinitely easier to me than CSS

Jerry Jones said...

Mary Dawn,

Thanks a million, didn't know that was there.
I can play now ..........woohooo!

Magpie Magic said...

There's a great tutorial here - which I used for my own blog:


Nosti said...

First, THANKS for all the GREAT textures.

Second: If you still want the CSS, here are a couple of links to Digital Scrapper Blog Tutorials that includes the CSS if you'd like to play. (CSS code is at the bottom of each post):

Create/Insert Header:

Create/Insert Background:

And last, as a sidenote, I had to change to MS Internet Explorer to leave a comment. There is a random BlogSpot bug for FireFox browser users which does not allow them to see the "Comments Form" if it's embedded below the post. This can be avoided by changing the "Comments Form Placement" (under SETTINGS tab > Comments) to either "Pop Up" or "Full Page."

Amarie said...

body {

(or center,or right, or bottom etc.)

Hope this helps!

kimi kreations said...

can't wait to see what you come up with?
i still miss the original house you had in your header. it seemed to fit so well.

Rita said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Anonymous said...

for basic blog

Nancy said...

I see you figured it out. This one is exceptionally beautiful.

What is the font in your header? Is it Caviar Dreams? If it is that is one of my favorites.

- Nancy

Jerry Jones said...

Very good, it is Caviar Dreams, and I count it as one of my favorite fonts also.

Sim said...

Your background is just smart!
Thanks to all people who help you!