Ghostly Hollow: Scene II (The Journey Furthers)

Ghostly Hollow: Scene II (The Journey Furthers)

Amidst the snow covered woods, I feel like a miniscule red particle navigating my way deeper into the woods. As I approach a thicket of fallen trees, a solitary figure comes into view. Cautiously I approach, noticing the figure never moves. Upon nearing, I can see it's a scarecrow. What in the world is a scarecrow doing in such a place? There's no sign of crops from previous seasons. More importantly, who put it here, and why?


Ann said...

another awesome image and a mystery in regards to the scarecrow. What a delight

Anonymous said...

i like it.

Sim said...

Hello Jerry!
Maybe it's not a scarecrow?
Maybe it's a scarewolf?
The pictures are hunky-dory and a bit scary!
Thanks a lot!

Sheila said...

Love this! Can't wait for more!!

Linda said...

Your artwork is stunning! Love it!!!