Ghostly Hollow: Scene III (Mysteries Found)

Ghostly Hollow: Scene III (Mysteries Found)
Cautiously I venture on, further through the woods still amazed by the white covered wonderland. I happen upon a clearing, suddenly I sense I'm not alone, ahead I can see two denizens of the woods, a lonely goat cautiously drinking from a nearly frozen stream and a red fox carefully eyeing the goat, surely for preservation for itself and family somewhere near.

Slowly my eyes turn to a pile of rocks near the stream and follow upward the wooden cross poking itself tilted slightly towards the sky. What mysteries do we have here?
What, or should I say, who lies within the pile of rocks, more importantly, as with the scarecrow earlier, who put them here and why? Seems my snowscaped venture has brought a few mysteries upon me, making me wonder what lies ahead.


Ann said...

another fabulous image and I'm enjoying the story to go along with it

Kathy said...

Love your work Jerry.