Yet another Blogger Malfunction (solved) for now....

Seems lately every time I turn around Blogger is playing havoc with my blog.  The last few weeks the problem was with my comments posted not showing up, now today it seems I log in but my nav bar still says log in.  It seems I can post and add images but I have no pencil visible for editing a post, and I have to go through the woods, jump over a bush then paddle 10 miles to get to a possible way to edit my post.

This is really starting to become a rather pain in the butt.  Hopefully Blogger/Google gets this fixed before I start thinking seriously about WordPress .......................aaarrrrrrgggghhhhhhhh!

Anyone else experiencing difficulties with their blog, please don't say it's just me, I don't think my heart could take it bout now!  LOL!

Here's a good one, I just now had to sign in " which I already was" to have a way to sign out through editing a post. I shall have a cry now!


  1. Sorry about your problem. The only problem I have are the ones I have caused. I am new to this blog & editing world. Finding it to be very time consuming. I do very much enjoy and appreciate your work. Thanks!

  2. Hi Jerry,
    I don't know if this is helpful or not, but I had problems like this once when I had the box next to "Stay Logged In" ticked. After I un-ticked it, closed my browser and opened it back up, I had no problems and haven't had any since.

    I hope things get better for you today!


  3. I've been having the same issues for a couple of months. It is quite irratic, but most of the time I have to 'sign in' over and over again. It also affects leaving comments, because if you are not 'signed in' you have to jump through 35 hoops to leave a simple comment. It sucks up time I don't have and is terribly frustrating!!!

    I see now that I will have to 'select profile' (google) to even post a comment here ... and so it goes!

  4. Poor Jerry. Don't cry - Come on over to WordPress!
    I can't recommend it highly enough :-)
    Juno's Place
    Cards by Carol

  5. Oh dear! I've been using Live Writer since about August and haven't had any problems in getting things posted or edited. I thought that you had switched over to Live Writer too earlier this year!

  6. When you are creating or editing a post,
    is there a box near the bottom which says
    something like "Report Blogger Issues"?
    I had a problem (something I used to do
    when uploading photos had quit working
    which required more steps on my part to
    get the same results).
    I reported it,
    and it was fixed a week or so later.
    It hasn't happened since.
    You might try this.
    Also . . . thanks for the great textures.
    As always.

  7. I hear the WordPress siren and am feeling very influenced myself . . .

  8. This was happening to me last night at around 9pm-10pm.

  9. come on Jerry - come over to the dark side and join wordpress! I went from blogger to wordpress and editing in a post is sooooo much easier!

  10. I haven't had any trouble, my friend, but I am afraid if I admit it, it will jinx me! I hope it gets fixed soon!

  11. Jerry, you don't really need to choose between blogger and wordpress. You can use and it will cross post to either WP or Blogger, or both, as well as flickr, twitter... where ever else your little heart desires. Check em out.

  12. Jerry, I have been having issues is driving me crazy! I will log in & the blogger will tell Username not found! Then I have to start over then I finally am able to get is more frustrating b/c I use this for my Photography business..WTH!! I feel your pain!! Good Luck:) btw, I am working on WordPress..I have it set up but no pics loaded as of yet!

  13. I use FF but when my blog is acting strange, I log in using IE. Then all the strange things disappear.

  14. I prefer - and recommend - using Wordpress on my own server. It is very easy to install, to handle and you are complete independent from such errors :-)

  15. I don't generally have any problems with Blogger, although sometimes I do - usually to do with links and adding pics using FF.

    I am also using Wordpress on some blogs where I am contributing and I don't think it's any better and if anything you have less control over the appearance (you have to pay extra to change templates) and yesterday I had pictures vanishing during a long post which I had to add again and again. I also find WP much more labour intensive as far as posting is concerned. If you add several pictures at once it automatically creates a gallery or slide show for you - which is nice if you want that - but a pain in the neck if you don't, especially if you want text between each image, as you have to add them one by one.

    I honestly couldn't recommend WP for easy posting - not for a picture heavy blog like yours.

    I'd go the route suggested and report the problems to blogger. Fingers crossed it'll be sorted soon.


  16. Sybille,
    Thanks for the heads up info on WordPress.
    A rarity to me, seems all I hear is praise for WP, rarely any bad press.

  17. Kimi,
    I also use FF,rarely IE.
    I find IE both dangerous and slow, and have used FF for years but it seems to be getting slower and bogged down and bloated, not to mention weekly updates it seems. Any alternatives, I'm all ears. I tried what you said and my problem was solved, but IE introduced another, half of my opening page was missing.

  18. I was having the same issue, dug deeply thru the help section and learned that *third party cookies* now have to be enabled. (which they did NOT before)
    Try that and see if it helps.
    I have had so much trouble I was ready to quit blogging altogether---I have had friends who moved to Wordpress and moved back due to several options unavailable.
    Blogger has become a monster for people who can't write code.....and that is me!
    Good luck.....

  19. Lisa,
    I visited posterous and liked what I saw, but it seems you do all posting through email, not keen on that idea. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  20. Betty,
    I tried your solution and sadly it didn't work.

  21. Donna,
    I use Live Writer to post but then go and edit and add "read on" split post and images from Picasa in Blogger. I seem to have difficulties adding links from Picasa when using Live Writer and since getting the newest LW not sure how it handles split post, the last version didn't handle split post at all.

  22. Sybille,
    I agree 100%, to be able to design or alter a WordPress layout, you have to pay a yearly fee to do so, that has been a huge drawback for me in switching.

  23. Anne,
    You're my hero for today, it worked.

    I agree with you on the 3rd party cookies bit, I've never had to accept them before, and I'm really not crazy about doing so now.

    I have accept 3rd party cookies set until I log out, hopefully my next visit doesn't bring up a new problem.

    Thanks for the solution. :)

  24. Thanks for your explanation about using Live Writer. I don't do split posts. Also, I upload low resolution photos as I write and those get stored in Picasa. For higher resolution photos, I upload into Flickr first, and then do a web link. Web links with Flickr work great with Live Writer. I discovered the Live Writer option when it was suggested to you earlier this year. I was having enormous problems with Blogger's editor. I kissed it goodbye and never looked back.

    In any event, I'm glad that you figured it out the culprit to be the 3rd party cookies. You have a lot of fans, so everyone wants to eagerly help and keep you posting, LOL.


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