Winter Splendor

Winter Splendor, originally uploaded by SkeletalMess.
Re-posting some winter shots while I enjoy snow falling outside once again.
Also trying something new with photo layouts.


  1. Lucky you! Getting real snow. We only got an inch or two with ice. I made a post of one of the recent projects where I used your textures on photos. Since these are people shots I used 'heavenly peach' for the skin. Hoping maybe one day you might do a set of smooth textures for use on portraits. I loved the way your lace texture came out on one of my photos as well. Thanks as always for the inspiration Jerry!

    My word verification was "splot"!!!

  2. Painting Queen,

    You may want to use the "Vintage Soft Grunge" texture set for portraits, its what I mostly use.

    Just type in Vintage Soft Grunge in the search box and it will list it, so just click on it and download.

  3. Thank you so very much Jerry, I will certainly try these ones too!


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