Another Retro Vintage Effect Tutorial


Seems like everywhere you look, there's an image with a retro/vintage look effect.  There's so many ways to achieve this effect, whether it be filters, presets, actions, or textures, I'm gonna show you a simple way, which might seem long but the more you work with the tools within Photoshop such as levels, curves, photo filters among others the easier it will get, plus you may learn some new tools you've never used before.

1. Open an image in Photoshop (Background Layer)
2. Go to image / adjustments / levels / use these settings (0 - 1.20 - 255)
3. Next go to image / adjustments / curves / set a point at (74 and 50)
4. Set another point at (188 and 97)
5. Now go to image / adjustments / brightness/contrast and set brightness to (+5) and contrast to (+3)
6. Now we're gonna set 2 photo filters, go to image / adjustments / photo filter, first - color (AC7A33) density 75% then press OK.  Second - color (31260C) density 60%.
7. Make a new layer and fill it with a dark blue (0C3088) set the opacity to 70%, fill at 80%, and blending mode to (lighten)
8. Make another layer and fill it with a light orange (EFD56C) set the opacity to 50%,leave the fill at 100%, and the blending mode to (multiply)
9. Next go to image / adjustments / levels / and use (26 - 1.00 and 238)
10. Now make a duplicate of the background layer then go to filter / sharpen / and click sharpen, now drag the duplicate layer to the top.
11. Last, "I heard that" go to  image / adjustments / desaturate / set the opacity and layer mode to your liking, here I sat the layer mode to (normal) and the opacity to (27%)

That's it, we're done.  I know this may seem a long process, but the more you work with curves and levels the easier it will get.


Train Wreck said...

Hello, I found you through My friend Jen at Muddy Boots Dream. I love working with photographs, whetrer its taking them, or editing them. I love your textures. Can you tell me if they are compatible with Paint Shop pro?

Jerry Jones said...

There's no compatibility issues, my textures are JPG files, so any editing program that handles layers will work.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [05 Feb 12:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

merkusje said...

Many thanks Jerry

Lisa B said...

Thanks Jerry, this looks great and I look forward to trying the tut :)
Have a great weekend.

Ruth D~ said...

So much to learn. Thank you for taking the time to share.

wisteriax said...

Thank you - can't wait to try this one!

liz said...

Thanks for sharing all your textures! I love this tutorial also!

Beth Crocker said...

Hey Jerry! I sent some love your way...check out my blog.

indybev said...

Beautiful photo of one of my favorite places...The Story Inn in beautiful Brown County. I was just there in October! Thanks for the tutorial too!

Jeana said...

I really love your blog and all the wonderful textures and tutorials. Thanks for sharing.

flutterbydragonfly said...

Hi Jerry, I was able to get through the tutorial until I arrived at the filters. I don't have the filters you are speaking of. I am using CS5. Is there somewhere I can download these filters?


Debi :)

Jerry Jones said...


This was done in CS3, and there are no filters used here, it's all done within the top bar menu, using levels, curves and filters within Photoshop.

I'll have to look at it within CS5 when I get the chance.

Rosie said...

Thanks so much for the time you take to explain your work in tutorial form! I LOVE your site and thanks for your generosity of spirit too! =)

Linda said...

Your talent is amazing AND you share - what a combination! I am just beginning to play with blending levels, textures and so forth and you are an inspiration:) Just saved a terribly boring Christmas picture with one of your bokeh! Thanks again!

catadollic said...

Got messed up trying to leave a comment! Trying again. Loved your tutorial and had my very first 'success.' Finally someone's instructions were clear and I could do it.

Thank you again and again,

Catadollic on Flickr
aka Wendy

catadollic said...

Third try.. Loved the tutorial and had success.

Catadollic aka Wendy

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial, Thanks so much! I'll have lots of fun practicing this.