Blogger's at it again!

Anybody else experiencing intermittent widgets that work when they feel damn good
and well?   Seems my recent comments have been AWOL for a few days, and the
same thing happens to my friends and members widget, also my page view counter.

Is this becoming a norm with Blogger, or is it sunspots, the heat, or maybe the ever
present swamp gas of UFO fame?   Anywho ................ it's getting to be really
annoying, big time.



  1. Great picture - the lighting is fantastic! (Would love to draw it!)

    Yes, sometimes my linkbar decides to turn into a list on my sidebar - just whenever it darn well pleases. I just delete it and wonder when it will show up again! On the other hand I found out a wonderful way to use blogger - as a static web page (i wrote about it on my blog today) in spite of all it's troubles I still like blogger =)

    I've had so much fun applying your textures to my original artwork.
    here's a recent one I did I used it along with a crackle texture.

    Thanks for your fabulous work!

  2. Geri,

    Thanks for the Blogger web tip.
    It's sort of like my La Cinematique page. I'll have to give this a good look and tinker.

    from one Jerry to another!

  3. My widgets are a little wonky too sometimes. But I'm sorry I have no advice for you.

    Cool photo, though.

  4. everyone seems to be having blogger problems!
    I have no clue how to fix any of the prob's!
    love your textures!!! I've been "learning" photoshop for awhile and have just worked up the courage to play with textures recently..mostly because of your textures and photos and that of another blogger. Thanks for all the wonderful freebies you've offered!!
    hope blogger gets better for you! no one needs any extra annoyances!!

  5. Love the serious pic to go with the topic. I've had three different people say they couldn't leave comments on my blog, and yet some people still can. It's quite the mystery, but you're definitely not alone!

  6. Do you use IE, by any chance? It seems that some of the problems are being caused by IE, not Blogger. There's some good information about it here:

    Hope this might help.

  7. Jan, no to IE, I find it too slow, so I use Firefox.

  8. I read blogs through firefox. I see hiccups with the comments at times but have never dealt with widget problems. Hiccups, issues or not, your blog and artwork is worth putting up with a few issues here and there. Such is life!

  9. I am still using an old template and do not have as many problems, but it seems anyone using one of Blogger's new templates is fraught with problems---it seems to roll around. I think they are so broken they can't fix it.
    I run FireFox and the only issues I have is occasionally a really SLOOOOOW photo upload (and they are small sized...)
    No answers. <:-\

  10. Here's the fix:

    Do NOT check the little box that says, Stay Signed In? When you first sign on....
    Don't know Why it works, but it does. It's a pain to have to keep signing in once you exit your blog but at least I can comment to my hearts content while I'm signed in!
    Good luck!

  11. good thing your followers button is working today, since i just found your blog and i'm amazed at the wonderful textures!

  12. I had my "Popular Posts" widget go missing for a few hours yesterday. Magically came back all by itself. I use Chrome, switched from IE a while ago because of weird things happening in Blogger that were tied to IE. I am no computer expert but find it annoying as heck that Blogger works differently with different browsers. Good luck!

  13. I shut my Blog down because it was getting so annoying.

  14. I use Firefox as well and have had readers notice, and alert me, that certain widgets were slowing down my blog's loading. Sometimes it just flat wouldn't load. Sometimes things were missing. So, I deleted some widgets. Just seemed the thing to do. OH, and sometimes I cannot leave comments. Dunno why. No advice - just commiseratin.'

  15. I have had to same problem with the comment box, and it is not the first time..I just checked my blog and now it is working..

  16. After almost 6 years of blogging on Blogger I started having nothing but problems when Google got involved. This Spring I finally left Blogger for another platform because I became so exasperated. I feel your frustration.

  17. After blogging for six years on Blogger I started having nothing but one problem after another when Google got involved. I finally became so exasperated with the struggle I went to another platform for my blog this past Spring. I feel your frustration.

  18. Ditto, about problems with the comment box - only occasionally though, still annoying.

    nina, who is logged into her cats' blog

  19. your textures are beautiful as is all your art, and you're very generous too. Thanks :) ~ Hillie in Australia.

  20. First off, thanks for the amazing textures and brushes.
    I have firefox on Mac. I have a huge amount of problems with page loading. I have tried removing the background, changing the size of the header to 72 DPI. Moving the widgets to the bottom of the page.
    I noticed that any social media that lead back to the source such as updates cause a lot of problems. Their bloated code might be too much.
    I'm still trying new things, so I'll let you know if I find something that works.

  21. wow that sucks bigtime. Hope you are well on the road to cyberspace recovery :)
    Many many thanks for all your hard work I couldn't believe it when I was led to your textures. It's a banquet after a starvation diet. I cannot express strongly enough how much I appreciate what you are doing.
    HUUUUUUUUMUNGOUS hugs for all your efforts.

  22. Sucks bigtime, hope all is well in your part of the cyberworld now.
    I was astounded when led to your textures. It was a banquet after a starvation diet. Words simply cannot express how impressed and delighted I am by your talent and generosity.
    HUUUUUUUUMUNGOUS hugs and thanks

  23. Jerry you're so beautilful ...
    Splendide, ce regard est merveilleux . Superbe photo :)


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