How adobe store sucked the life right out of me

Is it just me?

I finally decided to upgrade from Adobe Photoshop CS3 to CS5, seems the price was right
but the experience from placing my order to the actual download was a nightmare from hell.

First off, when placing my order, which I've ordered from the Adobe store before, and so
my prior information was already in place, and all was correct from a prior order, but it
seems my info was incorrect, it kept sending me back to the billing page, numerous times.

So after numerous attempts and countless expletive outburst I decided to get assistance
via chat, ain't this a hoot!

First suggestion, try doing it all again, "priceless information" but as a good little
soldier, I decided to follow along, three times no luck, but right before the forth attempt
and my head was about to explode finally decided to work,F@#k me!

Now, off we go to PayPal for to purchase, all seems okay now, click to log in, and I'm sent
back to Adobe billing page, about now I could bite the head off a chicken.

Ring, ring, assistance once more, again I have to explain my ordeal, hoping for a quick and
easy solution, crossing my fingers and almost on the verge of praying before I see the words
typed from assistance, please try again.

After more expletives and contemplating reasons to purchase a fire arm I decided to play along,again.

Eureka, finally my Paypal purchase went through and was sent back to Adobe store for download.
I'm thinking, finally, what possibly could go wrong now?
Quickly I found out, it seems Adobe has a certain downloader called Akamai.
It doesn't work, sets there rotating in my browser, actually blinking. Now I try the alternative
download, and after a slow start it downloads the instructions on what to do before downloading.
I save to desktop, click on the downloaded PDF Install Instructions to read, here's where I feel
the rage that the zombies felt in the movie "28 Days Later," I read " Adobe Creative Suite 5.5
Navod k instalaci pri elektronickem nakupu ..............WTF!

I need a relaxer, so I go for a cup of coffee, third cup actually.
Now I decide to investigate, so I scan down the 30 page PDF, yes, there on page seven I come across
"Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Electronic Purchase Installation Instructions" I'm sure a smile came across
my face before the question rushing forward in my head, what in hell is 5.5?

Finally I decide I have to manually download the zipped files, heh, no problem!
Wrong, it seems Adobe downloads are slower than snail mail, something of this size I've downloaded many
times and a lot, lot quicker, it takes 48 minutes to finally download. The cups of coffee has turned into
a cold beer, early yes, but it's a must have calming agent at the moment.

Finally I unzip, install, update and back up on disc, what a slow and painful adventure it's been.

I now haave Photoshop 7 ~ CS3 Cs5.5 and Elements 10 installed, oink oink oink!

Curious as to how many Photoshop versions you have installed?


  1. That sounds like a dreadful experience.

    I've got cs4 and cs5 aswell as lightroom 3 installed never mind all the plugins. My poor c drive is about to burst and I'm going to have to get a bigger drive soon or else start deleting.

  2. Haa! Very entertaining, Jerry! You sum up the fun of it perfectly. I suspect the browser could be causing some of the problems. They keep changing them faster than websites can keep up. I've tried them all and there doesn't seem to be a perfect version at this point.

    My daughter was lucky and got her CS5 for Mac pretty cheap (in a box, with CDs) after enrolling in online art classes. So I'm using her old Win CS2, but if I ever want to upgrade then I think I'll enroll in a class at tech school and get the discount on the full boxed version... They have a list online at Adobe of eligible schools, etc. Depending on the school's policy, sometimes it's required to take a minimum number of credits and sometimes it can just be one class in order to use their discount.

  3. That hot mess would have burst a blood vessel for me! I think I would have given up halfway through that and purchased the box version somewhere. I use photoshop elements, currently using ver 8 -someday I may graduate.

    Jerry, I hope you are well, and thank you so much for the textures.

  4. I have ELents 9 and 10 on my laptop would love the CS5 but can't justify spending that kind of money right now. maybe by next year...

  5. That was grueling, Jerry!!!

    I have Photoshop 5 ( I'm old :~/ ), CS2 and CS4. I also have Elements 6, which doesn't get along with my computer, but I don't care since I have CS4.

    I've always ordered the physical product, because I just feel more secure having the real thing and I think I'll keep doing that after hearing your story! :~)

    I hope you've recovered and are having fun with CS5!


  6. Ugh! What a freakin' nightmare!!! I couldn't help but giggle when you needed a calming cup of coffee. Coffee? That's a stimulant!!! Was happy to see you reach for a beer. A downer to counter the uppers during a hair pulling ordeal. Glad you're all squared away now and glad you shared your agony. Is it wrong that I was amused while reading? If only to know that I'm not the only one to go through such electronic nightmares! Play on my friend. Play on.

  7. I feel your aggravation. Good to read that you finally got your download. I'm still quite new to photoshop. Only have the PS Elements 9. After reading this story, I may stay with what I have. At least until Elements 15 comes out, and I'm sure it will.

  8. I feel your pain! I had a very similar experience with Adobe a few months ago-

  9. Your Adobe experience was actually better than mine if you can believe it. I ended up just getting the discs for CS5.

    And all the time I was trying to buy the darn software the spam for cheap illegal copies was rolling into my e-mail account by the boatloads.

  10. Dang, son - you sho' nuf know how to have a good time, don'tcha ... ? I've had friends tell me their horror stories (which, btw, sound awfully close to yours), and that's why I only get my software from eBay now. I know, it's not that quick, and yeah, there's a chance of gettin' burned, but that's why the 'Contact Seller' link is there. I've used that in every purchase I've made, and in only one case about 5 years ago did I come close to gettin' burned - but didn't.

    I just won an auction for CS5 Extended yesterday, so I'll have it by next week. I'm using CS4 Extended now, so there's no rush. By the time I get CS5, I'm thinkin' Adobe will have announced CS6 ... y' can't win.

    I'm happy to hear you finally got done jumpin' all the hoops 'n stuff and now you can just get back to playtime with pixels ... if you haven't tried eBay for software, it's something to consider. Now if I can only pick up QuarkXpress 9 and Illustrator CS5 ...

  11. If I wasn't afraid of upgrading before, I am now.... Maybe I'll procrastinate a little longer. BTW..this is my first comment on your blog and I have to say that I'm so impressed with your work. I've used several of your textures and they are awesome. Your generosity is most appreciated.

  12. I think after all of that I would have been headed for the psych
    The one and only version I have is elements 7. I'm very out of date :)

  13. Sorry to hear what you went through Jerry..I had that happen to me way back when I wanted to download element would not work time after time of now I order the product in the mail..I do not even bother with "try this for 30 days"..nanascrap

  14. OMG, I felt your pain increase with every paragraph. I hope you let the company know.
    I am so fortunate to have gotten a version of CS5 from the Yearbook staff at school. It's one of the perks of working there.

  15. dear God..what hell!!! i have PS 9..can't afford anything else!! If i ever can..i think i'll order the hands on physical disk...not just because of the pain involved in downloading from Adobe site...but when my hard drive died..since PS 6 was gone..i couldn't get them to RE_DOWNLOAD that version. they wouldn't "upgrade"...had to buy PS 9. Never occurred to me to burn a disc!..I'll be getting the "physical" product in the future!
    glad you at least got it downloaded!!!
    beer is a good thing!

  16. I hear your frustration and anger with such mad-situation purchasing and downloading on-line software! You had me giggling when you said after going round and round and finally manage to download the manual but only to see the first paragraph in an alien language..
    I am not a Photoshop tech-savy, I bought Photoshop C4Extended because the seller recommended so. The seller told me that the CS5 is more complicated to use for a beginner like me. Anyway, I am happy with the CS4E now, I learned how to create new files, layout, basic photo edit via Youtube and blogs like yours.
    Thanks for sharing the tutorial and all the freebies offered.
    Heaney xx

  17. Wow. Just wow. In the past I've bought it off the shelf in a box with discs (educational discount, yay!. All PSE versions, it's a hobby, I don't have the playtime to merit the expense of the full product.

    I was considering upgrading online through this time ... but no longer. Your pain has at least saved me from the same so I'm deeply appreciative. But damn! What a freakin' mess!

  18. Oh my I do not want to laugh at your pain sir! The frustrations of the computer-world can be trying! Sounded awful!

    I have CS4 but I may consider that online class thing to get a discount on the expensive CS5 or the time I get to it!

  19. sorry, I know it's gonna sound weird: I laughed when I read your post! :-)
    The phrase you got was in Czech (I'm born Czech, you know)

    but you have every right to be frustrated, I'm just hoping it was the last experience of that kind.

    I downloaded several trials and full versions of Photoshop, Illustrator and the whole Creative Suite as well. No problems on Mac.

  20. What a nightmare... Glad you managed to get through it eventually...

    Only got one version of Photoshop - CS4 on my computer. Far too much hassle to have more than one. I'd get confused and would use the wrong one. LOL

  21. This could have been my post, switching the beer for merlot. Interestingly, I just received my PayPal refund from Adobe because the blasted process was too much for my sketchy dsl. I've got to order the disc version. To make matters worse, my new MacBook Pro cannot run the current operating system because Apple and Adope haven't been playing nicely. Apparently Lion doesn't want anything to do with CS4...which I have. It's all very frustrating. STill haven't upgraded because there isn't enough Merlot in the state of Washington to keep me from messing everything up just trying to be current. Arrggg

  22. isabelel annOctober 06, 2011

    I have always found Adobe's website lacking and it has always puzzled me that problems are allowed to persist. Same with Dell's website, but that's another story. Two technology giants with websites definitely not user-friendly and extremely frustrating, both confusing things with their downloading systems.

    I have Photoshop CS4 (can't uninstall it--no matter what I try) so it resides there, deactivated.

    Hope you enjoy CS5 and its new features! You don't need it to produce beautiful work, that's obvious, but it's fun to have the latest.

  23. I'm still using CS 2. I can't afford to upgrade. I really want to, though. Oh well. Sometimes life just sucks. Anyway, I was a computer tech for 26 years before the early retirement I just took. You are definitely not alone in your frustration. I swear computers have a mind of their own! No matter what you do, there are times when they just will not cooperate. They are most likely sending or receiving "garbage" through the lines, and there isn't anything you can do about it. Sometimes you just have to turn the darn things off! (It's too expensive to throw them through a window.)

  24. Lol, can I RELATE!!! I bought mine a few months back, but when going to DL the upgrade, it wouldn't recognize my number for CS3. Calls and calls, emails and chats...just like you!
    Turns out that when I purchased my CS3 from an ebay seller, what I actually thought I was purchasing (and paid for) was CS2. But I did indeed receive CS3. Brand new, intact and in a sealed box. Tangible product.
    They said you need to send us the receipt and proof of purchase?
    What?? That was years ago.
    I scanned my box with all the numbers on it, dug up a purchase receipt on paypal and sent it.
    "Lady this shows you bought CS2"
    me: "I KNOW that, but what I HAVE is CS3!"
    I think they were so tired of my frustration/near tears/anger....they finally said we will issue you a new download code and you can do it that way!
    Phewww... As I was downloading and installing it, I made the girl stay on the line with me so I could let her know if it worked OK.
    I was not about to have to call back and explain it to yet another person.
    It was a horrible couple of days!!

    Glad yours is all worked out, but this post did bring that horrible experience back to me!

    I do love my CS5 though:)
    PS..keeping my CS3 loaded because it actually has some features that they did away with in CS5 (like making proof sheets, which I want). Dumb move on Adobe's part.

  25. I would however go into my experience but you said it so eloquently, and I am sure I do not have enough time in this day to go thru it. I have decided if I ever upload another version it is going to be while being completely wasted and with nothing else to do for about a week. I have PS7 and PSE7.....would very much love to update, but not worth adding a hassle in my life right now. Maybe as winter arrives..... sorry you went thru it all tho, but thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

  26. I'm happily learning to use CS2, and happy to remain that way after hearing what you went through. A friend of mine had terrible problems with Adobe recently and that has really put me off now.
    Thanks so much for allowing us to use your textures - I really love what you do. =)

  27. Ohh Jerry My sympathies!!!!! My first venture after , was PSE 9 , its working fine & we are best friends , sometimes it gets the upper hand , but mostly Im in charge

  28. Hey the great mysteries of our time.... electronics ! At home, CS3, CS4 and CS5 and the same at the office.... because you say... to many plugins do not follow on updates... snif, snif. Life's a bitch sometime, cheer up, you could be IRAK right now...

  29. Honestly....I had the worst experience when getting my CS5 as well (bad with elements as well when I needed help). It went on and on and on. I agree, the chat help is superb (har har) and when I called for help and was talking to someone in India (I know because I could barely understand him so I asked where he was located) who was having just as hard a time understanding me as I him, he asked me to call back after we had been on the phone for almost THREE HOURS(his shift must have been ending and he most likely wanted to go home). This is the same place who earlier I left my name and number (two days prior)for them to call me back and they never did! Sorry you went through that ~ it sucks doesn't it!!!! Adobe and Dell are the two worst companies hands down to have to deal with, especially after you buy there product. Before hand everyone was nice and knowledgable, after I had the product...straight to India literally for my phone calls and pretty useless and not because of the nationality itself. I have to say that I don't care if anyones from anywhere but when we can't understand Each Other due to our different dialect...Houston We Have A Problem. I don't want to talk to anyone who can't talk to me when I'm trying to solve a major issue. Like wise, I don't think anyone from India, Russia, France, Germany would want help from me on anything if I can barely speak their language, at best! Trying to resolve the issue at hand is hard enough without haveing to say, "What", 50 times in ten minutes. Too bad. Why does it have to be soooo difficult! Hope your up and running for now.

  30. CS3 and CS5.5 for me at home. My adobe experience wasn't too bad, but I'm stuck in a loop trying to get my copy of Corel Painter Esstentials to work. UGH!! I found your blog through Pinterest... lots of great stuff here. Thanks!

  31. What a frustrating time! You'd think that Adobe would want to make the shopping experience pleasant to encourage more frequent purchases...

    I only have PSE8 on my laptop. But someday I hope to 'graduate' to Photoshop. Baby steps.

    Anyway - thanks again for all you do. I'm ever so grateful for what I have learned from your tutorials, and for all of the textures and tools that you've shared. You're always an inspiration!

  32. What a hoot that was to read Jerry, I nearly busted my boiler. Not really funny, but when you go from bad to worse, it just gets more comical by the minute, not to mention your wonderfully graphic writing style !!
    I have PSE5,7,8,9, PSCS3 and now PSCS5, but seem to use PSE5 the most !! More user friendly.
    I also got PSCS5 in a boxed set with CD's as a student version (cheaper) BUT had to jump throught hoops (here in Australia) to get my codes for installation ONLY TOOK 3 MONTHS to get them HA ! Beat that !!!

  33. So basically, you're saying...don't do updates. Gotcha. Fortunately, I'm still in the stone age and using PSE 8. Poor little me can't afford CS5 yet :). I just hope when I do finally purchase CS5, I don't have this problem interacting with my PSE.


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