Don't Shoot The Piano Player?

Seems I've had some e-mails recently about downloads and how to
do so, so I think I've found an easy solution " I DUH, Finally Figured
How To Post 4 shared Direct Download Links" and it seems to be working
properly as I type.  If anyone has problems downloading files, please let
me know with a comment or message.

Peace .....


  1. so thrilled to get your downloads..I'd wait however long it took!!!
    you really are so generous..thanks!

  2. As always, I admire your work. Thank you for sharing your time, effort, and talent with us, Jerry!

  3. Wouaouh! You're really awesome Jerry! :)
    I havent' got any trouble for downloading... Anyway, direct download is always so agreable.
    Thank for all Jerry!
    Your talent, your sweet heart...
    Thanks to be here!

  4. Thanks Jerry! I agree - I'd jump through any hoops to download your stuff but thanks for making it easier....
    and I think about donated all the time but I'm for sure doing it right now!!

  5. I'd love to know how you figured out a direct link for my own site, for my free blogger backgrounds and scrapbook stuff. Will there be a post on how to do this at some point? (Fingers crossed). I know there must BE a way, but still haven't figured out how to do it, and it's really frustrating!


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