Help, looking for a sign!

Dear friends, once again I apologize for my absence, but there's been a lot going on
in my so called life as of late.  I think this photo and title says it all, it seems health
issues has sucked the life and creativity out of me after a trip to the doctor and a
torturous medieval butt "pun intended" necessary procedure (colonoscopy)

To get my mind off of things and to try to relax I've been setting on my ass watching
the Olympics "Go America" and now I feel like my creative process is slowly returning
and I thought the other day its about time to get something together and post, then I
got an email from 4shared my web storage provider saying my yearly subscription is
about due for renewal, so I go to 4 shared to check it out and proceed to pay for another
yearly subscription, surprise, I can't find a direct link to 4shared to renew, so I send
them an email explaining my situation, and they respond go to my dashboard and click
the upgrade and yadda yadda ya, "duh' no shit" like that's what I didn't already do, so now
I have to send another email and wait another day for an answer.
It seems the answer was, try again, after a handful of squiggly words I return to try again,
it seems to send me to a page with a long list of resellers to pay for another years subscription
and they're all overseas, I thinking this is not good and back off.
Guess what, another email explaining I'm not comfortable paying some middle man
for a service you provide and I'm willing to pay for, so after another days wait I get an
email saying and I quote "Unfortunately, due to a temporary problem, at the moment the only
way to purchase 4shared Premium is via Resellers. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

I'm so mad now I could bite the head off a chicken about now, so much for the relaxation.
After cooling off I send yet another email saying I've be a good customer and I'm happy
with the service you have provided until now, and I only have a few weeks before my
subscription runs out and I have hundreds of direct links and files stored on your servers
and I don't want or feel I should have to look for another storage provider when all I want is
to pay YOU directly for another years subscription, I'd appreciate your answer ASAP.
Well, I'm still awaiting their response ................ this is to damn weird.

I can't imagine the time it will take to upload all of my posted files and then go through
all of my Blogger posts and change all of the download links, were talking around 700 +

** I'm asking if you know of a easy solution I'm all ears.
If anyone knows of a reputable web storage provider that offers direct linking "which
is only a paid subscription" ability that I've encountered, which I'm willing to pay for
but I would like a reputable honest easy and reasonably priced provider if possible.**

After all this I'm working on something to post and hopefully I'll have it up this weekend,
not sure where I'll host it, but I hope to post.

BTW .... I checked out Dropbox and damn they're expensive plus I've read some complaints
about their service, next I'll check out Mediafire, anyone know about their service and


  1. Very sorry to hear about your troubles, Jerry. I hope you can resolve them quickly and be good to you and your health again. As we grow older, and I speak from experience ;), we realize that this is one of the most important things in life.
    Unfortunately I am no help with 4shared or dropbox, since I have my site/blog self-hosted with the server space that goes along i.e. all links etc. point to it and files are stored there...
    Good luck!

  2. Bless your heart, Jerry. I've done some intervention for you; I just prayed for the solution. So look for it! I love the way God makes things so simple. 8-) Regarding the drama that so often accompanies web services, I wonder who actually reads the e mails, inanimate servers or (gasp!) real people...

  3. hello Jerry,
    first : take your time :) when we are hurt, we need time to recover.
    I'm sorry you don't trust the resellers, why ? I'm in France and I use service from US... (have you heard about something called the world wild web ;)... i'm joking!)

    I only know mediafire as an external user (download things from the web) I have no account there and sometimes I have to wait an hour to be able to download...

    I'm at 4shared and appreciate.

    I send you a big huh from France :)
    Nathalie alias NathL

  4. First let me say that I understand how health issues can really bite into creativity. My husband's health issues took a huge bite out of mine.

    I don't know anything about finding an easier solution to your site.
    But I can say that I follow your blog and do love your creativity!

    I hope you get to feeling better soon and can find your 'happy' place.

  5. A comparable situation is being a computer tech having to call for help on a "warranty covered" computer that you know how to fix yourself, but would void the warranty if you did without receiving authorization. Then the person who answers is in India and you can barely understand anything the person is saying. They tell you to do the 100 things you've already done without opening up the computer, and finally say the computer needs to be sent in. It's enough to make you go off your gluten-free diet and binge on anything wonderful tasting, especially real beer. It might even be worth the resulting diarrhea. (I wouldn't normally share that, but since we're talking about butts and colonoscopys, I thought it might be an acceptable time to do so.) Unfortunately, any company we use that is hosted on the Internet basically has us "over the barrel," which just so happens to be a perfect position for a colonoscopy, and about all we can do is say bad things about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

  6. Sorry you are having such problems Jerry. I had a free account with 4shared until it became apparent that folks could not download unless they were also signed in.

    I've had MediaFire Pro for about a month now and am really satisfied with it.

    Good luck!

  7. Jerry, I feel for you. We go along expecting things won't change because it's working so well for us.

    Moving forward ... here are my thoughts, and what I do.

    I bought the corresponding url from GoDaddy and the hosting of that url. That gives me the comfort of uploading all my files to a reputable service, then I can link to my blog. I've been with GoDaddy for 10 years and had no problems and their customer service is great.

    I noticed is not available, but the .net is. You can also use that url as a redirect so sharing is simpler rather than having to include the .blogspot in your url.

    I'm not sure this is a solution to your linkage issue ... but is there a way you can capture the code for your entire site, put it in a text editor, do a search and replace, then re-upload it? I think someone much more geeky than I am could help with this.

    Hope some of this makes sense and is helpful.

  8. PS ... I hope you feel better soon. Sorry you're having health issues. That always puts a cramp in the entrepreneurial spirit. ;->

  9. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this nonsense on top of health problems!!! That seems to be the way it goes in my life, too :~/

    I'm sure that one of your loyal readers will have answer to your question about media storage providers :~)

    Take care,

  10. Sorry I don't have a resolution for you. Was waiting around to see what others say in hopes that someone can bail you out of your quandary! Your comment section has stayed so dreadfully quiet on the subject I thought the least I could do was wish you luck!

    Best of luck on your search!!!!

  11. I hope you get to feeling better real soon. I do appreciate all you free stuff. I don't upload anything, just use the downloads and I have found that although Media Fire some say you wait, I don't ever have to. But, that said, I get a lot of popups there. Some use Open Drive and some use Sugar Sync. I don't know anything about them except I never have to wait for a download.

  12. LDD-FranceAugust 11, 2012

    I hope you feel better soon.

    Thank you for all your hard work.
    Have you ever tried ?

    Wish you good luck.

  13. Hi Jerry,
    I have used a hosting site for over 10 years now that I like a lot. It's called Total Choice Hosting. You have to use an FTP to transfer your files, but there are some of those that are super-easy to use too. I will tell you that Total Choice is great in a lot of ways, but once in a while, I have run into the same thing with not being able to pay to renew from a link they sent and I had to call them, but their customer service was great and solved any issue I had right away. Plus, for all the storage you get, I think their prices are pretty good too.

    Please take care and feel better soon!!


  14. Just to clarify a bit for some of the commenters. A standard account with MediaFire is a drag. People who download have to wait AND view trashy advertisements. With a MediaFire Pro account there are no ads and no wait whatsoever for the download. But, you have to pay for the Pro option ... of course.

    Thanks for all you do Jerry and hope you feel better soon.

  15. I have had issues with everyone it seems, but right now I use free Drop Box (you can invite people and get more free space) and a paid subscription to MediaFire. I hated free Media Fire, people complained about pop-ups with malware, but the paid version ($65 a year I think) so far has been great with no complaints from readers. And it is a direct download and MediaFire has been around forever. I always use two different download link in each post because like you I have tons of freebies and if one goes down I have the backup one.

    I had issues with 4shared so I dropped them.

    Hope you start feeling better! I also had a rough time for a while and lost my creative edge, but like you I am getting interested once again in blogging. Rita

  16. Hi Jerry,
    Love your blog. Great work and talented artist. Thank you for all your beautiful freebies also.
    I hope your health issues will get better for you soon.I had the same procedure done also a few years ago regarding possible ulcers in my bowel. Very embarrassing operation is all I can say.
    Take care of yourself.
    All the best wishes, regards,

  17. Hi Jerry -

    I want to start with two important (to me) points: I LOVE LOVE LOVE your work! and I send support of health and wellness your way. When your brain is preoccupied with personal, physical issues, it can be hard to concentrate on the other things life throws your way!

    Like another poster before me, I am a GoDaddy user (the wonderful service I used for 10 years before this went belly-up with the economy, it was a small, one-person owned service that I just adored! I have more comfort in a larger corporate service like GoDaddy now). Their FTP uploads are so easy (just open in a Window for drag and drop). If there is anything I can do to help you get up and rolling, just hollar at me - that is how much I love your work!!! Peggy/

  18. I hope you are better soon. Thank you for the beautiful textures that I found here, I'd like to be able to make it by myself, but I do not know where to begin. I used one of yours and I put the link to your site in my post: I hope you like how I used your texture on my photos (I am not a professional photographer, just an amateur photographer since 2008).. Hi, from Italy. And sorry for my bad English :(

  19. I use Mediafire and have for a few years...I am happy with their service, but have no idea how their price might compare to what you currently pay...The few times that I needed to contact their customer service, they were quick to respond and repair. The glitches I had with them were way back though...of late, everything is smooth sailing with them...hope this helps!

  20. Jerry ...
    First, welcome back. Second, sorry to hear about the p ahem ) crap you've had to deal with lately. Having been on the receiving end of the 'alien probe' (remember 'Cartman's South Park episode about that?), I know all too well what you had to put up with. Let's just say I was put off my feed for anything that tasted remotely like 'peach' for over a year after 'The Day'.

    I have no expertise about which site would be better, worse, or indifferent - for some reason, I've never done a hosting site. I hope your problems with these aggravations come to a close for you in the near future.

  21. Sorry to be late with commenting, Jerry. I hope your health issues can be resolved soon and you can be back to feeling good and creative again.

    I'm surprised that no one has suggested to you. I've had a free account with them for 5 years, and no hassles. Perfect for hosting images, you get 10 GB free storage, and plenty of bandwidth for your needs. Another good thing is that it's easy for you to upload, and for "clients" to download - no subscribing for them, not waiting, etc. I hate to think of you having to switch hosts, but if you must, you might want to look at before making your decision. -

    Feel better soon,


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