Shadowhouse Creations Actions Volume One

                             ** UPDATE ** 
I've made these available for PS Elements also, just click
on the Elements Download link.  Please try them out first
then pay, I'm rather a newb when working in PS Elements,
but I have them installed and working in PS Elements 9.
Adobe really, really needs to make installing actions a lot
more easier and consistent across all versions of Elements!

This, My Shadowhouse Creations Actions Volume One set
consumed quite a bit of my time and attention and I must say
I'm extremely pleased with the outcome. I also added a free
bonus to the deal, which you can see with examples by
clicking Read More!

*** I'm going to try something new for the first time, and I
must say that I've personally ever come across such an idea.***

I'm for the first time going to put a price on this download,
and it's what I call the honor system, if you decide to download,
and I hope you do, I'm asking a 5 dollar Paypal donation for this
set after you download and check it out. I know I can't stop people
from downloading "well actually I can, but I won't" without paying,
but I'm testing the waters so to speak on a new concept.

If this idea bombs, I'll have to set up a blog just for merchandise
I intend on selling in the near future.

Peace, and as always, have fun.




  1. Hey Jerry - I've always thought you should charge something for all the great work you produce and share here. (I have donated in the past, btw.) Hope your idea of an honor system gets some good results.

    Will these actions work in PSE or just PCS?

  2. Beautiful! I wish I could use them...any options for pse coming? :)

  3. Thank you for your beautiful work.


  4. Will be happy to donate once I've given these actions a trial. However, for someone new to your site, how does one add them to photoshop? Some instructions would be handy.


  5. I agree with you, in the value of your work, I am an amateur photographer, a regular follower and fan of yours, but unfortunately I can not send money from my country Argentina, by any means, is a constraint that is applying the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) that allows rotation in any currency abroad, according to them to protect the value of our currency, this is public knowledge, is that I'll have restricted your invaluable work. Thank same.

  6. I totally support you Jerry! Your freebies are appreciated, but extra hard work deserves some payment.
    The Queen

  7. Jerry, I have been one of those silent followers who always waits for your next blog entry. Your work is awesome. Yes, I have donated, double what you suggested, I am not trying to draw attention, I wish I had your creative inspiration, I gladly donated. Thank you for all you do.

  8. So I assume it they won't work in PSE 10?

  9. Thank you so much, and yes, I will donate for it. Appreciate you!

  10. Hey guys, I really appreciate the warm comments and purchases.

    I've made this set available for PS Elements also!


  11. i don't print thank yous often enough for you, but I continually love your work. I may not be able to donate every time, but when I can, I'll be more than glad to. Your work is defiitely worth it! I'll be checking this set out as soon as I can, and I'm sure it will be worth the $5. :)

  12. You have been such a generous soul, Jerry. I think it's wonderful for you that you're charging for some of your beautiful work. Totally worth it, imho. I accidentally hit download, thinking it would take me directly to PayPal. D-uh. then I saw the donate button at the bottom. Can't wait to try these out.

  13. thanks for the wonderful work. donation gladly made.

  14. Thank you, Jerry! I made the donation also. I downloaded both by mistake ... oops!

  15. Jerry, love the actions! Donation is on its way to you. You have always been very generous with your talents and I appreciate it!

  16. Thanks for making a download for PSE users!

  17. I installed them with all my other PSE actions but for some reason they aren't showing up when I open the program. Hmmm ....

  18. Sharon,

    Did you install the png images with them? The ATN file has to be accompanied with the png thumbnail image.

    Curious as to which version of Photoshop or Elements you're usingJ

    If you can't get it to run, post any information possible and I or someone else can help you out.

  19. Yes, I did post the PNG images with them. I have PSE 10. I opened and closed PSE a few times but they never loaded. Tomorrow night I'll look at it again. 5 am comes early! Thanks and good night, Jerry.

  20. I meant to say I posted the ATN file with the actions, not PNG.

  21. thanks Jerry, donation sent.

  22. Jerry,

    I have enjoyed your free textures and extra goodies you have been providing us. I have made my donation for this download!

    Take care and keep creating :)

  23. Jerry,

    What you are asking for is so little compared to the size of your heart and talent. Of course, I will donate!

    I've tried the actions and they work beautifully on portraits and landscapes. Having written a few actions myself - not as good as yours and just for me - I know how time consuming it is to get them "just right".


  24. Hi Jerry. Great action set. Thanks again. Donated. Cheers from Australia. Bianca

  25. I liked these so I've donated. I have been using your textures for a while, so I feel a little obliged.

  26. Really beautiful actions ~ I look forward to trying them! I think it's high time you started charging for your beautiful work! I hope you get many generous donations! Kind regards ~ Evelyn

  27. Thank You Jerry for all you provide us! Donation for action set sent :) Keep up the great work my friend!

  28. Hi Jerry , I loaded them to PSE9 & donated!! Many thanks:-))
    If anyone want to know how , this site tells it in plain speaking

  29. Pay check finally arrived :) so now I could download AND pay for this great "pay-bie". I'm sure it's worth every single cent.

    Thank you!

  30. Thank you! Glad I found your work in 2019.
    My sharings:

  31. Thank you for your wonderful work!
    Here are my little sharings:


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