Shadowhouse Creations Action Set 2


I'm touched by the results that my first action set garnered, and appreciate those who
honored the 5 dollar Paypal donation, thanks kindly.

I appreciate those who followed my wishes on the first set, but I have to say overall
it wasn't even close.  The sales doesn't even come close to the downloads.

I Knew going into the honor to pay idea was going to be a lopsided chance, but I was really
shocked to see the difference.

I'm going to give the honor to pay Paypal donation idea another chance, mainly to see if
this time will be closer than the first, I sure hope so, I have faith and believe truly
that that the majority of people are honest.

I'm asking for a $7.00 Paypal donation when downloading this set, this set of 5 actions
took a lot of my time to make, and I couldn't be happier with the results.

***  This action set is for those of you who have Photoshop CS3 and newer. ***

I tried my best to make it Photoshop Elements compatible, but it just wasn't working.
The main reason is some tools/elements of Photoshop that I used to compose this set
wouldn't work in Photoshop Elements, I have version 9.

This set has been tested in Photoshop CS3 and Photoshop CS6 and works perfectly with only one click in both versions.

The Actions Included are:

1: Magical Pop Effect
This action alone is worth the price of the set.
This action is a workhorse, and it will bring your photos to a new life with a big bang!

2: Classy HDR Effect
I'm not a big fan of the HDR effect, mainly because most people over use the effect, which
results in a cartoon like effect.  This action/effect I intended a more subtle HDR effect
without going overboard!

3: Vintage Light & Grain
This action lives up to its name, meaning it produces an tinted grainy/vintage effect with
a touch of lighting thrown in.

4: Enchanted Glow Effect
This action produces a nice soft glow and is at its best used on winter images, interior
lighting images or as a ethereal glow to portraits.

5: Retro Violet Effect
This along with "Magical Pop Effect" are my favorites, this action can be used in so many
settings, another workhorse!




  1. Truly awesome and excellent work Jerry!
    I hope you'll be happy with the paypal results! :)
    (I don't buy anything, never, because I'm welfare recipients... So, I prefer not to download it...)

  2. hello jerry, this seems to be really helpfull but I'm using GIMP and don't know yet how to use actions :)

    I'm sorry the donations didn't follow the downloads... I'm not selling anything but it seems that the process is easy with paypal to have paiement for something...

    have a good day :)
    NathL from france

  3. So sorry it isn't compatible with PSE 10. I love the magical pop effect. Good luck selling these great actions.

  4. I wish this was available in pse, so sorry I must not have paid attention because I didn't read a donation request. I paid my 5.00 just barely. :) Thanks for what you do!

  5. A beautiful action set (#2)! So sorry it won't work in PSE9

  6. Sent in donation through Paypal. Great actions! Thanks!

  7. Sent your donation through Paypal....nice....thanks Jerry!!!

  8. Donation sent, for a few bucks more than you requested. The takers may outnumber the givers, but your work IS appreciated by many people! Thank you.


  9. Hi, Jerry, hope you are over your rough patch (Flu shot) I was the same!!
    $7.00+ on its way with many thanks, my friend.

  10. Hi Jerry, Instead of setting up a blog to sell check out, you can set up your own shop and sell, the people running it are great, it's a nice community. I started with them when they were in beta and sell all my commercial use textures there now, sales are great.

    susan - cathairstudios

  11. Thanks a lot Jerry! Downloaded and donated.

  12. I just grabbed both your sets, and made the donations. I think the "honor" sistem is a precious idea, one that speak volumes about what kind of person you are.
    Thank You, so much!

  13. Thanks so much Jerry. I cannot wait to try these.


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