A Deeply Appreciated Milestone

It seems I have surpassed the 5 million page views, who would have guessed, certainly
not me.

I would like to thank each and everyone who takes the time and effort to drop in, which in this
day and age of so many blogs and websites of interest isn't something I take lightly.
Without you, I wouldn't have friends, followers or an audience to share with ........

I re-post this for those who may not have ventured to my footer and read this : About This Blog
posted, for it was my true intentions then and it still rings true today, four years later.

"Shadowhouse Creations was created in November of 2009 and employs an army of one,
myself alone. Seems no one likes working for free these days. Shadowhouse Creations is
located on the outskirts of a small mid-western town, in a spare bedroom of my house,
converted into an office, art room and PC room. How Chic!

Here at Shadowhouse Creations we/i harness no Illusions of grandeur, all you see here, are
creations of mine, such as textures, photoshop brushes, tutorials, layer masks, photoshop and
artistic tips, calendars, posted web resources of interest and other things I hope of interest.
It is my pleasure to provide free resources for like-minded people."

I really am touched to have such a faithful following.

Thanks Always


  1. Hi Jerry, thank you very much for your brilliancy and your creativity during the time. I send you a donation.
    My Englisch is horrible, I know.
    Best regards, Synnöve

  2. congrats, Jerry...and thanks for your generosity!

  3. Jerry, you are a blessing to the artistic community! I appreciate your generosity and send you best wishes for at least five million more page views and faithful followers!

  4. How wonderful and fun. I love your textures and have a few in my arsenel, I just don't use them as much as I would like too. Thanks for all your sharing of your creations.
    peace n abundance,
    and I can't sign as my Wordpress blog

  5. Jerry, my many thanks to you for your creativity and generosity!

  6. A well deserved tribute to your generosity and talent! What you create and share is of high quality, and we are grateful to be a recipient of the time you take to make your digital gifts. Everyone who visits this website should check out your personal artwork, as it is stunning! Thanks for all you do Jerry, it is a pleasure to know you in this bloggie world.


    aka The Painting Queen

  7. Congratulations on achieving such an impressive milestone! I've followed you through your blog as well as on Flickr and am greatly appreciative of your talent and your generous and sharing nature!

    Here's to the next 5 million views!

  8. Congrats, Jerry! What a milestone and one well deserved! xo

  9. You deserve it. You are a kind soul, and an exceptionally talented human being. Here's to the next 5 mil ~

  10. Congratulations, Jerry! You have those numbers because you consistently offer people something that they truly value—your creativity, your artistic vision, and practical easy-to-follow help. You collaborate with your readers, and this is the result. Enjoy your audience. They enjoy knowing you.

  11. top Stuff Jerry.
    I swing past when ever I see a new blog post (you are on my side bar) and I'm never disappointed.

    I do like the fresh new look to your blogger page too!!!

    cheers and congrats again.

  12. You rock, Jerry! I love your creations and use them often. I so admire your free contributions to art. Thank you so much!

  13. Congrats dear Jerry!
    You deserve all your fans and even more.
    You're such a sweet heart and a so talented person!!
    We all thank you Jerry!
    We love you! :)

  14. Congratulations. Well deserved. Valerie

  15. I thank you.....I've learned SO much from you. Congrats and well deserved.

  16. Thank you Jerry. I am very grateful for your generosity and wonderful textures and tuts. This site means a lot to me.

    I am indebted to you.


  17. Congrats on this huge milestone, Jerry!

  18. As always.... so very grateful for your kind heart. Thanks for all that you have shared with us. I remember when the blog started. I still like the first header you used! =)
    I have followed you since Ghostbones existed. My texture folder still reads Ghostbones.
    Much Appreciation!!!

  19. Your generosity and talent and honesty is a blessing to have come in contact with. You have provided me with wonderful enhancements and inspiration for my own digital explorations. I am very grateful for your presence in this virtual world.

  20. This is wonderful! Thank you so much for all the free resources you create, they have helped me in my artistic journey. I am truly grateful I found your site.


  21. Your textures, tutorials, brushes, etc. are brilliant. I use them all the time. Thank you so much for your devotion to the artistic community.


  22. I just want you to know that your work has taken my work, in 2 different fields (photography and digital scrapbook design) to a whole new level. Thank you so much for sharing that with the world. Your talent truly is appreciated!

  23. Keep doing the great work!
    Congrats :)

  24. Thank you so much for your blog and all your free goodies.

  25. Hi Jerry!

    Your blog is amazing! You're very talented! Thanks for sharing your gift!



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