Thought You Should Know

I must admit I've been thinking about Wordpress for quite some time, Blogger, mainly
the editor has been a thorn in my backside.  I must admit Wordpress has been a real
treat so far. For those of you thinking I'm leaving Blogger can rest assured, I have no
intentions on leaving Blogger for quite some time, it all depends on how Wordpress
works out. Not to mention I have a lot of friends here on Blogger, but if or when I
decide to go, I hope our friendship furthers.  If you're anywhere in the vicinity of, stop in and say hello.  Keep in mind I'm just moving in, so
the place is a little bare, but there's some things hanging on the walls, with more
arriving daily.  Peace

Oh, by the way, I should have something new to post here  tomorrow or Saturday
at the latest.



Wow, that's great! I moved to (self-hosted) Wordpress long time ago and would never miss it! You are so free in your decisions concerning layout, design and your data are stored save at your own (web hoster's) server etc. - all is it your own hands. I would never ever use any services like blogspot, blogger, tumblr etc.

Your new Wordpress site is looking very elegant, love it.
I've just subscribed to your RSS feed there.

Perhaps you should offer there a newsletter via Feedburner and/or place the RSS logo at the site, so that people can subscribe to your feed more easier.

Mary Ann Potter said...

Hi, Jerry! I'd follow your creative blog no matter where it went! Have a blessed day!

Caryl said...

You really make me laugh with your moving in with sparce furnishings!
Good luck with your new home, I will visit where ever you are.
You are incredibly talented and generous with all that you share.. a blessing on other words. :o)

nini said...

I love your page there and as others say I'd follow you anywhere :)

Neva Spell said...


Holly said...

I, too, would follow you where ever you go. That said, I love Wordpress, headed over to visit now.

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LearningAllTheTime said...

You know you can transform your blogger blog into a book using Blurb -- I am doing that myself before I clean up my blog and delete a bunch of posts.

Carrie said...

I love WordPress. You deserve a domain without that pesky .blogspot :)