AZ Texture Set & Walk Thru

Textures are like Actions, meaning they wont give the same results on every image you apply them to. Textures are moody fickel things, you have to fiddle with the Layer Modes and Opacity Levels to find the results you are happy with, but its fun to think outside the box and try using some different tools within photoshop or whatever editor you're using to work with.

The AZ Texture Set & Walk Thru consists of 6 large unique textures, each measures 3400 X 2550 pixels, and a simple walk thru to give you an idea how I go about using textures with the hope it can help others in some small way.

AZ Texture Set & Walk Thru:

Step 1: I Opened This Cute Cactus Image To Use.

Step 2: I select the az2 texture to use and drag it on top of the original image, I now set the "Layer Mode" to "Soft Light" and the "Opacity" at 31% which adds a subtle texture change.

Step 3: I now select the AZ texture drag it on top and set the "Layer Mode" to "Color Burn" and the "Opacity at 23% which adds a darker tone Lomo effect.

Step 4: I select another texture to use, the az5 texture and drag it on top of the others, then I set the "Layer Mode" to "Linear Burn" and the "Opacity" at 54% which adds a muted grunge effect.

Step 5: I right click on the original image and select duplicate and drag it on top of all the layers, I go to the tool bar and select "Image" then "Adjustments" then I click "Desaturate" and set the "Layer Mode" to "Soft Light" and the "Opacity" at 50% which adds some subtle light and pop. DONE!

(C)2014 ~ Jerry Jones /


  1. Thank you so very much, Jerry.
    I hope you are doing well.

  2. Thank you, Jerry! I have recently rediscovered your wonderful textures and have downloaded a few sets. It's awesome to see that you are still creating them!

  3. Lovely photo editing and marvelous tutorial! Thank you! :)

  4. good to see you're back!
    thanks for these textures

  5. Thank you for the tut and texture mombo-combo!

  6. AnonymousJuly 31, 2014

    Thank you, Jerry, for sharing your textures. :) I'm glad that I found your site.

  7. Awesome! ...thx Jerry! :)

  8. These are lovely, thank you!

  9. Thank you Jerry, for the tutorial & textures in the Blue Jean Baby Tutorial, this was used for our new profile photo on our blog.

  10. Awesome textures and tutorials, thanks a lot! I see you don't post anything anymore, hope you are well.


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