Flower & Bee Tutorial + Textures

        This tutorial / walk thru is a free downloadable zipped file complete with the textures used.

Textures are like Actions, meaning they wont give the same results on every image you apply them to, the effects will differ from image to image. Textures are moody fickle things, you have to fiddle with the Layer Modes and Opacity Levels to find the results you are happy with, but its fun to think outside the box and try using some different tools within photoshop or whatever editor you're using to work with.

       *** Just to let you know, I'll have another texture set to post tomorrow, maybe 2! ***

     Flower & Bee Tutorial:

 Step 1: I Opened This Flower & Bee Image To Use.

Step 2: I select the az1 texture to use and drag it on top of the original image, I now set the "Layer Mode" to "Color Burn" and the "Opacity" at 100%.

Step 3: I now select the JJ-4 texture drag it on top and set the "Layer Mode" to "Soft Light" and the "Opacity at 100%. 

Step 4: I select another texture to use, the az texture and drag it on top of the others, then I set the "Layer Mode" to "Multiply" and the "Opacity" at 28%.

Step 5: I right click on the original image and select duplicate and leave it on top of the original image, I go to the tool bar and select "Image" then "Adjustments" then I click "Desaturate" and set the "Layer Mode" to "Lighten" and the "Opacity" at 100%. 

Step 6: Almost there, I again right click on the original image and select duplicate, now I drag it to the top and set the "Layer Mode" to "Multiply" and the "Opacity" at 30%. Done!

Hope this helps in some small way in understanding how to apply textures.


  1. Thanks so much, Jerry! I am so blessed by your generosity and creativity! Have a wonderful day.

  2. My pleasure Mary Ann, be sure to check back tomorrow for something new.

  3. Your work and textures are amazing Jerry!
    And I'm always happy to see you back.
    Thank you so very much sweet heart! :)

  4. I appreciate the kind words Sim, very kind of you and its nice to be back!

  5. Nice to see you back!!! I love your tutorials and great textures!!!

  6. Thanks so much! Great tutorial, too! :)

  7. Thank you so very much, Jerry!
    Your tutorials are really wonderful.

  8. I'm so glad to see you back and hope all is well with you. I really love your textures and so appreciate the tutorials that you offer to us.

    Thanks so much for sharing the way you do!

  9. Thank you so much for all the wonderful textures and brushes

  10. I just found your site via The CoffeeShop Blog. I'm always looking for great textures that can be used in commercial projects. Thanks so much for making your textures available and for the great tutorials.

    Lisa D.

  11. just done this I love it thank you for teaching me so easy with your pics and files


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