Shadowhouse April Texture Set

               Before Texture Use

After Texture Use

The Shadowhouse April Texture Set contains 8 soft grungey textures,
each measures 3456 X 2304 pixels.  This set was created especially 
for the use of backgrounds.

Just simply apply as an overlay over an image, select and adjust the
photoshop layer mode and opacity levels to taste, select a soft brush 
and erase carefully what you don't want the texture to cover.

I love this set, hopefully they will be of some use.


Rita said...

Jerry, so excited to see your new post and texture set! The "after" looks amazing. I have missed you!!! Rita

Magnolia said...

You've been busy! Thank you so much for these lovely textures. And thank you for your generosity!

Marsha said...

Oh my... gorgeous! Thank you for all the shares I found today. It's so good to see you active again! You are an artist and a generous one at that!

Thanks again!

Mary Ann Potter said...

Thanks again, Jerry.

Jerry Jones said...

Hey guys, it's really nice to be back and active again .... thanks for the comments posted, I really missed being here!

Cat Russell said...

Thank you.. Love them. You're the best.

Linda said...


shelly reev said...

wow, talented generous manny!

huge thanks

will donate when I work out how :) X

Krista Queeney said...

Thanks so much for the textures. Looking forward to trying them out!

Bizarra said...

These are beautiful. I really love your textures. They add just the perfect amount of finishing to my work. :)

D E kennedy said...

Such delicate and dainty colours, a sense of something fragile and strong at the same time - thank you for these textures... I've followed you for several years, and have to say you simply keep getting better and better at what you do... what a pleasure to drop in from time to time and browse, sometimes download, and just smile at the pieces you make. :-)

JudisJems said...

Thank you, Jerry, for your generosity in sharing so many textures!
Peace, Judi