SC - Lightroom Preset Bundle Presets

I'm asking a $10.00 Paypal donation for the 20 preset bundle, that's a mere .50 cents a preset.
I'm once again relying on honesty for the bundle, hope you can help out.

SC-Lightroom Preset Bundle Presets contains twenty presets, each delivers a wonderful unique creative look to photographs. The preset bundle works in Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6 and Creative Cloud versions as well.  I'm not sure but I would think they work in Lightroom 4 also.

Each preset delivers a one click action that delivers a wonderful and creative look to photographs, also if you feel the need to tweak after using a preset, it's easy to adjust the controls in Lightroom to your liking, easy peasy!

Please take the time to check out the link below for a view of some great examples, also click read on for some examples.

SC Lightroom Preset Bundle Examples

Before Image
After Painted Effects Preset Is Used
Before Image
After Classic Cinema Preset Is Used
Before Image
After Au Natural Preset Is Used
Before Image
After Classic Fade Preset Is Used
I've really spent some time creating these presets, so I'm hoping they're worth the $10.00 Paypal donation fee to be a part of your photo work kit.


  1. Thanks a lot for you sharing your work Jerry, donation has been done. Best regards from Germany.

  2. Love the subtlness of theses Thank you Donated


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