SC Christmas Gift Lightroom Presets

SC Christmas Gift Lightroom Presets contain four of my best presets that I 
have created and use quite often. These presets are highly usable and were
created in Lightroom 5.7 but can be used in Lightroom versions 4 all the
way thru to the newest Lightroom CC 2015.

I must admit I was hesitant on releasing these, some things I prefer to keep
to myself, but in the end here they are, please enjoy.

I know from previous dqownloads that this set will be highly downloaded in
numbers, here's hoping I recieve some small donations for Christmas in return.




Henry Gillins said...

I don't use this program, but I must say that you have designed beautiful work.
I use Photoshop and I mostly design Styles.
Love your work.

Taluula said...

Thank you.

Val Ewing said...

Nice presets although I don't use Lightroom! LOL! I've gone over to the Corel PSP side and use both PSPX7 and Corel AfterShot which are easier on the pocket book for me.
These are awesome though!

kimi kreations said...

oh..... so wonderful. I am in love with Melancholy!

zotova said...

Thank you very much!