SC Dust Particles Set

These Dust Particles are meant to add a simple but needed effect to images
that have sunlight, sunrays for a realistic touch.

SC Dust Particles set contains 4 .png Black Particles, 4 .png White Particles,
each measure 3600 X 2400 pixels (12" X 8" @ 300 DPI).

I also have made 4 .abr Dust Particle Brushes, which was created in Photoshop
CS 3, so they can be used/compatable from CS3 to CC 2015.



1: Just apply a .png dust particle as an overlay on an image, adjust the opacity
level as needed, and if needed use a soft brush eraser to erase areas with particles
to ones own taste.


1: Open image create a new layer, select one of the four brushes and apply the
brush where its needed, if some particle need erasing, use a soft brush eraser
and erase from brush layer where needed.

As always, hope this set can be of some use.


  1. oh, these will be super fun! I love your "Dust Particles" font effect.
    Many thanks as always!

  2. Thanks Jerry! I never even thought about using dust particles before reading this post! Loving all your generous gifts for the Holiday Season! Take care and a Very Happy New Year to you!

  3. Merci beaucoup pour tout ce que vous nous offrez.

  4. Благодарю за вашу работу!!!!!

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  6. Love the dust particles.
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