SC Graphic Texture Set

The SC Graphic Texture Set consists of twenty four black and white textures, each measuring
2500 X 2500 pixels.  These textures work on both images and illustrations, although they're
more suitable for graphic illustration work, supplying detail, shadowing and other effects.

I use these in most of my art work, they've been very very useful and supply quick effects
that saves time and a few $#@5+#  words also.

Hope these serve you as much as they have me, tinker and have fun.

Please consider a small donation, every little bit goes a long and helpful way. thanks.

Dog Before Image

Dog After Image

Dog Image Walk Thru / Simple Use

1: I applied Graphic Texture 18 on top of the dog image.

2: I took a soft brush and erased the texture from the dog
and then applied a Photoshop style on the texture, yes you 
can apply styles on these textures because they are .png
files which have transparent backgrounds, then I erased
the style from the dog.

3: The image has a raised textured background which makes
the dog stand out more, flatten and save, eazy-peazy!


  1. Your textures are great! Thank you!

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  3. Thank you so much Jerry, you're such a sweet love and talented artist!


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